Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our Indian Princess

Ella received a very special present from our neighbors across the street who went to India to visit family for a month during the Christmas holidays. When Rinisha got home from her trip, she came over with a beautifully wrapped package -- a gorgeous beaded tunic with pants and a scarf to match. Ella seems to think she is an indian princess now -- she wears this every chance she gets and would probably sleep in it if she could. She even got her hair cut to match Rinisha, and no one can convince her that doesn't look like Rinisha's twin. Her fish-belly white skin, fair hair, blue eyes and blond eyelashes don't faze her in the least.


  1. What a pretty princess!! She got another haircut already?? Her hair grows so fast!

  2. Hi Laurel, your kids are cute! I'm curious about your blog title, I'll have to go read about it there on the side of your blog.